On Ambiguity for “The H Word”

Nightmare Magazine’s “The H Word” column on Horror is always a fascinating read. Each month a new writer takes a turn at discussing some aspect of the genre that appeals to them, or tells a personal story about how it’s affected them. I recommend sifting through the archives (all freely available online) and checking out the past entries. All are worth your time, but there are some really great ones in there.

In Nightmare #111 I take the reins of the column to discuss how ambiguity is used in horror fiction. This is my second piece for The H Word (the first being on “the strange story”, which appeared way back in 2016) and in some ways these pieces are similar to my regular column in WEIRD HORROR magazine from Undertow. Actually, they’re almost exactly like that column, so if you like what you read here I suggest subscribing to that magazine right away.

As for Nightmare…sure, you can read it online, but you should subscribe to it, too. You get a downloadable version for your reading device, a novel extract unavailable elsewhere, a chance to read everything early, and the satisfaction in knowing you’re supporting a great venue for new fiction. There really aren’t that many around anymore.