“Here is a writer unafraid to evoke and make his own the achievements of Lovecraft, Machen, Blackwood, and Edward Lucas White, and to push at the boundaries that contained them.”
— Peter Straub

“Simon Strantzas has inherited the mantle of Robert Aickman in terms of subtle and enigmatic disquiet.”
— Ramsey Campbell

“The stories of Simon Strantzas exemplify a style of horror that might be compared to the novellas of T. E. D. Klein.”
— Thomas Ligotti

“Strantzas always writes hard and well to make his horror matter.”
— Adam Nevill

“Strantzas has the chops.”
— Ellen Datlow

“One of the premier weird fictionists of our time.”
— S. T. Joshi

“Strantzas deftly establishes ordinary and seemingly innocuous situations that spin out of the characters’ control and always end with an uneasy sense of menace, even when their resolution is ambiguous or cryptic.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Strantzas never rushes his horrific climaxes, employing leisurely and subtle constructions to make them impact all the more fiercely.”
— Asimov’s Science Fiction

“Strantzas is of that rare breed of authors who wants to take the reader to a place the majority of sunlight-loving folk don’t wish to visit.”
— Mark Samuels

“Simon Strantzas is a star ascendant upon the firmament of Canadian dark fiction.”
— Laird Barron

“Simon Strantzas displays a gift for evoking disturbing atmospheres and creating odd, frightening encounters with the uncanny that puts him right into the arena with Robert Aickman, Joel Lane, and Ramsey Campbell.”
— Lisa Tuttle

“Whether he’s writing about men and women, parents and children, or childhood friends, Strantzas never forgets that the bleakest horrors are often found in the broken ways we love each other, and in the ways we fail to.”
— Nathan Ballingrud

“Simon Strantzas’s elegant stories worry at the reader’s sense of certainty. The songs they sing won’t comfort you. But you will remember them.”
— Glen Hirshberg

“Like Aickman and Campbell before him, Simon is not content to write the same story over and over again.”
— John Langan

“A master storyteller, a master stylist and a master craftsman.”
— Reggie Oliver

“A damned fine writer and head and shoulders one of the best in the genre. He eschews lazy writing: he works hard at what he does, and it shows.”
— T.M. Wright

“A rare talent in the field of contemporary horror; a writer who is able to convey his shadow-laden worldview through literate and well-tempered prose. His contributions to the legacy of weird fiction are sure to be lasting ones.”
— Richard Gavin

“Simon’s prose has an elegant tranquility to it that belies the shadowy themes of loss and identity that permeate his work.”
— Michael Kelly