Nothing is Everything

“Strantzas is one of the most striking writers working today.” — Angela Slatter

“‘The unexpected has arrived, and has brought with it the unknown’: Simon Strantzas’ stories arrive without warning, to offer those unknown gifts and sidelong glimpses that bring mystery close enough to touch.”
Kathe Koja

“Simon Strantzas is Shirley Jackson-grade eerie, creating stories that are as unsettling as they are elegant.”
Kij Johnson

“Strantzas captures the creepiness of small town Ontario. There is something of Seth, of Alice Munro in his work, wonderfully tangled with the likes of Aickman and Jackson. Uncanny as a ventriloquist’s doll, but with a real, beating heart.”
Camilla Grudova

“Simon Strantzas’s compelling stories unfold across a liminal landscape of small towns and ordinary situations where encounters with the uncanny are often revelatory. With Nothing is Everything, he further cements his place as a significant voice among a wave of writers who are redefining the boundaries of genre, blending a literary sensibility with a powerful sense of the possibilities for transcendence in the everyday.”
Lynda E. Rucker

“Welcome to Nothing is Everything, the latest collection by Simon Strantzas. Taking the paths less traveled to the human heart and mind, and excavating the strangeness that abides therein, Strantzas is one of the most striking writers working today.”
Angela Slatter

Undertow Publications, 2018 — In This Twilight; Our Town’s Talent; These Last Embers; The Flower Unfolds; Ghost Dogs; In the Tall Grass; The Fifth Stone; The Terrific Mr. Toucan; Alexandra Lost; All Reality Blossoms in Flames