Nightingale Songs

“This is affecting and original literature by a startling voice…”
— Nic Pizzolatto


“‎In Nightingale Songs, Strantzas focuses his attention on the shadowy corridors of the human heart. Here you will find stories about people falling out of love, out of favor, out of their place in the world. Whether he’s writing about men and women, parents and children, or childhood friends, Strantzas never forgets that the bleakest horrors are often found in the broken ways we love each other, and in the ways we fail to.”
— Nathan Ballingrud

“Elegant, musical, opening onto layers of meaning, Simon Strantzas’ stories are lyrical, unsettling transmissions from places that cause most writers to avert their eyes. This is affecting and original literature by a startling voice, no genre qualifications need be made.”
— Nic Pizzolatto

“Like the subtly disquieting locations in which they take place—a suburban house obscured by weeds and dark butterflies, the basement of a former home grown suddenly unfamiliar, a sleep clinic where the patients never meet—Simon Strantzas’ elegant stories worry at the reader’s sense of certainty. The songs they sing won’t comfort you. But you will remember them.”
— Glen Hirshberg

“Nightingale Songs is a dark gem. Strantzas demonstrates once again why he is so highly regarded amongst connoisseurs of the macabre and the fantastic.”
— Laird Barron

Dark Regions Press, 2011 (out of print)“In the Nightingale, Waiting for the Curtain to Rise” by John Langan; Out of Touch; Her Father’s Daughter; The Deafening Sound of Slumber; Unreasonable Doubt; Tend Your Own Garden; The Nightingale; Pale Light in the Jungle; An Indelible Stain Upon the Sky; Something New; Mr. Kneale; Everything Floats; When Sorrows Come; Afterword