“On Horror” Column in WEIRD HORROR

This month debuts WEIRD HORROR, the new magazine from the fine folks at Undertow Publications. The magazine is a great combination of fiction, art, reviews, and columns, all fine reads for a blustery October weekend. Twice a year, every year, we’ll see new issues published, and it promises to be one of the few highlights in an otherwise terrible year.

I’m thrilled, then, to be lucky enough to write a column in each issue about my favourite topic: Horror. The genre itself and its machinations has long been something that interests me (I co-founded THINKING HORROR for just this reason) and I’m pleased to take this opportunity in a great magazine to lay out my thoughts on its different aspects.

In this inaugural issue I explain just what exactly Horror is and isn’t — a topic that I’m sure won’t be controversial in the slightest.

I urge everyone to pick up a copy. If not for my column, then for stories by folks like Ian Rogers and John Langan, or columns by folks like Orrin Grey. I’m sure once you do, you’ll be hitting the subscribe button as fast as you can.