“The Somnambuists” in SHADOWS & TALL TREES, VOL. 8

My latest story, “The Somnambulists”, appears this month between the covers of SHADOWS & TALL TREES, Volume 8 (Undertow Publications, 2020).

This story could not have been written without Samantha Hunt’s THE DARK DARK and Brian Evenson’s A COLLAPSE OF HORSES. Both collections recursively reflect upon themselves in an arresting way, and I wanted to capture some of that spirit in a story that, itself, was inspired by a passage in a M. John Harrison tale about sleepers.

Without giving too much away, “The Somnambulists” explores the interconnectivity of dreams, and how they reveals answers about ourselves that we didn’t even know were in question. It’s all a bit heady, I hope. I also hope you buy a copy of the anthology and read it through, because there are a lot of great stories within (including one, coincidentally enough, by Brian Evenson; how’s that for coming full circle?)