“The Flower Unfolds” in BEST NEW HORROR 29

It’s my pleasure to have my story, “The Flower Unfolds”, included in the 29th volume of the BEST NEW HORROR series (PS Publishing, 2019), edited as ever by Stephen Jones. This marks the seventh time Jones has selected one of my stories for inclusion, and each time I’m thrilled to be part of such a long-standing series (the longest running horror best-of series in history, an achievement which, due to the state of the industry, will likely never be surpassed).

“The Flower Unfolds” first appeared in CM Muller’s NIGHTSCRIPT series, and was reprinted in my latest collection, NOTHING IS EVERYTHING, but don’t let that stop you from picking up a copy of BEST NEW HORROR 29, where you’ll also get to read fantastic stories by many of the best writers working in the horror genre today. Every volume is an essential addition to the serious horrorist’s bookshelf, and the entire series a long-running document of the ebbs and flows of the genre, from rising and falling authors, to changes in popular themes, threads, and waves.

For those curious, you can read more about this story’s origins here.