Now Shipping: BURNT BLACK SUNS Deluxe Special Edition

It’s hard to believe it’s been over four years since BURNT BLACK SUNS was published. Sometimes, it feels like it’s barely been a day; other times, it feels like forever ago. But the book continues to chug along, picking up new readers, and for that I’m grateful.

I’m also grateful that the deluxe special edition of the book, announced two or so years ago, has finally started shipping to those that placed their pre-orders. Limited to a run of only 66 copies, the special edition is slipcased and contains five pieces phenomenal original art by Jethro Lentle to illustrate the stories. Just getting that art alone is worth buying the book. But you get more. You get a long essay from me about Weird fiction, and about how BURNT BLACK SUNS was written, including notes and thoughts on all the stories. Overall, it’s a substantial addition to the book, and one that can’t be found elsewhere (and which I currently have no plans to ever republish).

As of this writing, Dark Regions Press appears to have 2 copies of the book available, so if your trade  paperback is in tatters and you need an upgrade, now is your chance. I have my copy and it’s pretty gorgeous.