Podcast tour, September 2015

Some podcast news to direct your attention to. Over the past few weeks I’ve appeared on two podcasts.

The first is THE OUTER DARK, Scott Nicolay’s weekly examination of what he calls “the weird renaissance”. This episode covers THINKING HORROR, the non-fiction journal edited by s.j. bagley that I co-founded with him. The two of us discuss the journals origins and where it’s going.

The second is a brief reappearance on MISKATONIC MUSINGS, which cover the 2015 NecronomiCon convention. I was in attendance there along with a host of other writers and artists, and Sean and Charles were kind enough to check in with me there.

Lastly, though I’m not on this episode (I will be in the near future) the new podcast series, SOMETHING RED, talks about my collection BURNT BLACK SUNS in the premiere episode. Soon these will be available for Patreon contributors only, but for now you can listen for free.

As always, it’s a thrill to be invited to participate in these things, and to have my work discussed. I hope those of you who listen enjoy it!