“Thistle’s Find” in THE BEST OF BLACK WINGS

If you enjoy S. T. Joshi’s BLACK WINGS series, you’ll love the BEST OF BLACK WINGS (PS Publishing, 2019), which contains a hand-picked list of great tales from the series, and also includes my story, “Thistle’s Find”, which first appeared way back in Volume III (then was subsequently republished in my collection, BURNT BLACK SUNS).

“Thistle’s Find” is a bit of an odd story for me. It’s tone is not one I typically write, and its subject matter is a little distasteful. I don’t think I’d write that story today, considering today’s political climate and my evolving opinions on a range of topics. But, nevertheless, it was written, and people still seem to like it, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on it. I taught me some good lessons at the end of the day.