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“Burnt Black Suns” in BEST NEW HORROR 26


I was very proud last year to have my novella, “Burnt Black Suns” (from which my fourth collection got its name), published in the Steve Jones-edited BEST NEW HORROR #26 (PS Publishing, 2015). This was the first edition released by PS (if you exclude the reprints of 1 through 4, and 25) and the production quality, as ever, is incredible. It was also the first time I shared space with Peter Straub in a book, which remains a surreal experience for me.

“Burnt Black Suns” was a novella that took me a long time to write, especially since it was, at the time, the longest piece I’d ever written, and it taught me a lot about my own craft and capabilities. The most important lesson I learned from writing it was how exciting a form the novella can be to work in, and I hope to write many more of them in the coming years.

BURNT BLACK SUNS available in Italian


I’m happy to announce my collection BURNT BLACK SUNS is now available in an Italian translation by the good folks over at Edizioni Hypnos. Retitled SOLI CARBONIZZATI for that market, it joins other books in their Modern Weird line, and is the first single-author collection on their docket.

If you read Italian, or know a fan of weird horror that does, please visit Edizioni Hypnos’s page to learn more and to pre-order.

BURNT BLACK SUNS: Deluxe Special Edition

burntDark Regions Press has always had faith in me. They re-released my first collection when its original publisher went out of business, and took a chance on producing a leatherbound and slipcased special edition of it. That sold well, as did the reprint of my second collection in the same format. When my third collection was ready, they published it, and as a new book it did extremely well, especially in that deluxe special edition treatment .

Well, I’m happy to announce that streak hasn’t ended. Picking up the baton from where the trade paperback continues to thrive, Dark Regions is catering to your collector’s heart and releasing a deluxe special edition of BURNT BLACK SUNS as well. Limited to 66 copies, this leatherbound and slipcased edition is oversized, and contains the entire contents of the book. But there are new features, too, including five black and white illustrations by Jethro Lentle, and a new afterword by me, along with some story notes. Signed by everyone involved, this is going to look great on your shelf. You can PRE-ORDER it now.

Over half the copies are sold, and it’s only been 48 hours. Who knows how much longer copies will be available? Better hurry..